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ParentingMadePractical's podcast

Dec 14, 2021

It’s easy to get frustrated when kids are forgetful and do not follow through with what they said they would do. How does a parent train these kids?

Nov 30, 2021

Kids with the Phlegmatic temperament are typically lazy and unmotivated. Worst of all, their stubbornness gets them to dig their heels in to not obey and become unmovable. What can parents do?

Nov 16, 2021

How can parents deal with Choleric kids who have bossy and angry tendencies? What can parents do to train them to manage these weaknesses? Listen to this podcast to find out!

Nov 4, 2021

Kids often do the same wrong behavior over and over because of their Temperament. Learn what temperaments are and how they influence and impact your kids and parenting.

Sep 21, 2021

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. For kids to obey, they need to be able to trust their parents. Learn 5 ways parents often undercut trust with their kids.